Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The first few days with a new employee


It is recommended to give all your new starters an induction. All inductions should be structured so that the messages and information are consistent. A Professionally organised and delivered induction is your new employees' first impression of you and your organisation. A good induction will help to retain your new employees in those early months. An induction is the initial activity to welcome your new employee before any formal training plan is started.
 From experience an induction helps your employees to understand the business and where they fit in, get motivated to do their best, become productive earlier, understand the job more effectively, understand any health and safety obligations and acknowledge the culture of the business.
If you plan to undertake group inductions, then it is recommended to have an induction session for specific or related roles as to avoid any confusion.
An induction can last a few hours to a few months depending on the business and the role. The content of an induction should be planned to ensure that the interest and concentration is maintained. In my opinion it is bad practice to just push the new employee around the business to the next person who has some time to show them something else.

The main areas to cover in an induction include:
·         Any administration such as pension scheme, handbooks, uniforms etc  
·         Any clarification in the Terms and conditions of employment especially the working hours, breaks, sickness, and disciplinary and grievance procedures
·         The providing of Health and safety information including the business' health and safety policy, fire safety procedures.
·         A tour of the premises
·         An introduction to colleagues, especially the owners, line manager, human resources manager, health and safety officer
·         An introduction to the job
If their job involves the use or operation of machinery or equipment, you must ensure that they are properly trained, that they understand any associated risks, and that they have the appropriate safety equipment.

Either you or your human resources manager should also ensure that you have all the required paperwork to add the new employee to the payroll immediately as you do not want to leave it until it is too late and you cannot pay them at the first attempt.

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