Friday, 8 February 2013

Contacting those elusive prospects

So you want to speak to that senior decision maker responsible for buying your product or service?
 This has never been an easy task with gate keepers aware of techniques such as being friendly, commanding or contacting outside hours.
 Some will say, well let’s go for another, but we can’t do that every time unless we have a vast pool of target prospects.
 So how do we find the contact details of those prospects that we just can’t crack by telephone?
 Have you used technology to establish the availability of such information?
 Try a Google search and see what you find! With social networking and sites like LinkedIn on the increase, the prospects contact information may simply appear? Perhaps they have been a speaker or acted as part of a committee where they have provided their contact details as they are then only too willing to receive contact? or perhaps the marketing team have put out a PR story providing the information you desire?
Search the web site of the prospect business. Do they offer the details in the ‘about us’ section or ‘contact us’ areas? Is there a directory set up in the site map of the web site? Who do they link with that you may know, who could introduce you?
 How about a search utilising information recorded at companies house? Maybe not just to find out who is the right prospect but who do they have a relationship with such as the bank or accountants who you may also know.

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