Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Dreams and visions from your holidays

September is a month when many people think of starting their own business or actually seriously progress their thoughts.

Many have been on holiday, relaxing but at the same time thinking about the future or even identifying that they are not really enjoying their current job.
When the mind is relaxed, then creativity finds a place and sometimes the best ideas are thought of.
We may even see a business operating when on holiday and think that could work where I live. It may just be the time out you needed to be able to spend time thinking about your idea. Certainly some of my best ideas for new businesses or expansions have been laid in the sun and relaxing.

But can I encourage you to not rush back and hand in that resignation immediately!
Think about your business plan, get your ideas down on paper, do the finances and complete your market research. Does it work?
Create the right foundations and review all those initial considerations that need to be made to ensure that running your own business is right for you and the correct decision.
It is like building a house, which will be more stable if the foundations are right from day one.

If you are setting up a business, then good luck.

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