Thursday, 13 September 2012

Networking secrets

Networking is a powerful marketing and business tool. There are a number of secrets used by professionals to build a powerful network of relationships and sales opportunities. Here are our top 6 secrets:
1. Be a farmer, not a hunter – sow the seeds, don’t sell to the room but build a network that wants to sell for you.
2. Generate business for those you meet - if you help generate some business for someone, they will want to return the favour.
3. Be very clear what you want – how will you measure the success, your activity and words will then replicate this.
4. Follow the etiquette of the room – usually based on common sense, but observe and respect appearances, behaviour, structure, format.
5. Listen – actively show real interest in the people you speak to.
6. Follow up – it doesn’t end after the event has finished make relevant follow ups, avoid immediate sales pitches, seek permission to add them to your mailing list.

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