Monday, 1 October 2012

Is there a best way to market a business?

I have been reading many articles this week all suggesting that a certain way is the best way to market your business and I can see how this can distract business owners from their marketing focus and encourage them to try anything and everything to get a new customer.

This is fine if you have the time, as any new customers can be a good thing for some businesses. However many of the people we work with have limited time for marketing or are aware that only a certain level of investment in marketing activity will be worth the likely return.

So what is the best way to market your business? Online, offline?

Well it really depends on your customers and the ideal customer that you wish to attract with your marketing activities. so I encourage you to do some great market research to truly understand your target market and more importantly, what do they do.

So for example if your target customer reads a certain publication, then perhaps PR in that publication should be your focus. Maybe your target customer is on Facebook most of the day, then of course this is a consideration for your marketing spend with adverts on Facebook.

You will see there is no one marketing activity that best suits all businesses and the key is good research and focus. Without both, you are likely to be wasting some of your hard earned money.

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