Monday, 18 February 2013

Why a business start up DVD?

Many people have asked the question, why publish your advice by DVD rather than a book?

Well firstly when I researched the resources available, there were so many books and good books at that, but I found it near impossible to choose the best one for me.

We then completed some market research and discovered that many people are enjoying the medium of video to gather information rather than reading a book. When we then shared a taster sample of the content, the feedback was so positive that a DVD it had to be.

The feedback so far has been that new entrepreneurs enjoy the fresh approach, but most of all the mix of text (used on the screens) and presentation / images to reinforce the messages.

I am passionate about business start ups and felt that a DVD was the ideal way to share this compared to pages of black text on white pages.

Why not take a look at our reasonably priced DVD at where you can see some samples of the content we have created to help you make those initial considerations and importantly create the right foundation for your future success.

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