Saturday, 21 March 2015

Build Trust with your prospects

Your prospects are bombarded constantly with marketing messages, news and technical detail, so one of the best ways to capture their interest, amongst all the noise, is to build trust.
Everyone is skeptical about most of what they read, especially online, so look to start relationships and build trust before making your sales pitch. 
Obviously the key is knowing the signs of when a prospect is ready to buy, but unless you are retail then it is unlikely the purchase will be made on immediate first impressions unless there is strong brand association and brand recognition.
So what can you do to build trust with your prospects? Here are 5 tips:
1. Have great testimonials - The best testimonials are of course from your best customers and preferably from those that fit your ideal client profile, or are in your niche vertical market, because then your ideal prospect will relate to them more. Written testimonials are good, but ideally try to capture your testimonials on video as evidence in its purest form that they came from an individual. You should look to lead the content of your testimonials and try to get the provider to explain their story, the before and after of using your product or service, why they purchased and what difference it made.
2. Gain endorsements - in the world of advertising we see the power of celebrity endorsements. How many products has the David Beckham brand helped to sell? For many businesses a celebrity endorsement is not easy or cheap, so is there a supplier or a respected industry lead that could endorse you? Could you be seen as a writer of articles for news to your ideal prospects? Can you align with a leading supplier in your industry as a user or expert? 
3. Tell people about you - Ensure the 'About Us' section of your web site introduces you from a human perspective. What will your prospect want to know about you or how will they want to relate to you? Avoid the Me, Me, Me statements and tell your story in a way that engages your prospects to say "yes I want to speak to you".
4. Offer a guarantee - What can you offer as a guarantee that takes the risk away from the decision to purchase? If you are willing to back your offer, then your prospects will lean towards you more.
5. Share your badges - people associate their trust with accreditations, qualifications, memberships and awards. So look to share with them your badges with a logo copy and reference on your web site.

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