Monday, 21 December 2015

The power of reflection

When considering your time, the one thing you can't do is worry about the past. It is a reality that you can not do anything about the past, it's gone, it's already happened. However it is my opinion that you can always reflect and learn from any outcome.

Always ask the question; did it happen for a reason, the right reason?

There may have been circumstances or luck that contributed to the result, but you have to honestly ask yourself the question of whether it was meant to be that outcome. For example, another question; Did your contribution influence the outcome or was it always likely to be that output with the input you gave? Did you want an outcome, but you simply hoped and did not proactively make it happen?

Hopefully the outcome is more often than not that of what you desired, but it won't always be the case. So how do you react to the disappointment of not achieving your desired outcome? I truly believe much is about how we react to such circumstances, as some people we allow the negativity to impact any future action whilst others will implement changes with determination to make it happen in the future.

Last night I was watching the BBC Sports Personality programme, where you see so many that have given focus to what they desire. At times their ability may hinder the goal, but quite often it is reflected by commitment and focus of the activities required for success.

From my work with entrepreneurs, it is the power of honest reflection that makes a winner stand out from a competitor. What can you do to take away learns from all your outcomes?

Next time you achieve or don't achieve a desired outcome, then reflect what you did well to repeat it and consider what you could do better. If you did something that contributed to the negative experience, then of course don't repeat it. If you could do something differently in 2016, then commit to do this without any distraction.