Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Is your LinkedIn profile forgettable?

LinkedIn can be a great social media tool for many businesses.
But if you are going to have a presence on this platform, then please ensure that it is not forgettable. Here are my 10 key tips to ensure that you develop your basic profile and create a reason to attract someone viewing your profile.

  1. Photo: Ensure you have one and it represents you and your business, not the last time you were out with friends, unless of course that is your business!
  2. Headline: More than just your job title. What do you do to help your customers?
  3. Websites: Ensure they are personalised and not just 'My company website'
  4. Skills and expertise: Complete covering all your skills listed using key words your prospective customer or contact may be searching for.
  5. Status updates: Ensure you have status updates and appear active, but please ensure they are not simply self promotional.
  6. Recommendations: Obtain recommendations, as much more effective someone else saying how good you are.
  7. Summary: Include a description of your current role and how you are solving your customers problems.
  8. Interests: An opportunity to show your personal touch and not just business focused or boring.
  9. Groups: Demonstrates your interest in your sector or skill area.
  10. Connections: Link up with people from day one

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