Thursday, 5 February 2015

Converting leads to sales

One of our most popular articles over recent months have been around the subject of finding more customers.
Our discussions with clients and contacts tells us that the level of enquiries remains similar to early 2014, but the conversation is much more difficult with greater competition for the business. 
So here are our 6 areas to help improve your chances of converting your enquiries to the desired sale.
1. Measure and be aware of your conversion rates. Learn from your discussions and feedback to continually improve that conversion rate. Get to know the sales presentation of your business that wins more often than not, then systemise the approach and use it.
2. Track all your enquiries to eventual sale with a lead management system. It can take more than a few contacts to close a sale, so a tracking system ensures you do not miss or forget an opportunity. This should be a habit to update and where possible use automation as a reminder or even to complete a follow up step for you.
3. Truly know your target audience. What is the profile of your ideal customer, what is there current situation, what are their pains and problems and why you can truly help them. Focus on the answers to these points at every touch point with your prospect.
4. Never over promise what you can deliver. Obviously that is the promise of what you or your product can do but also timescales. If you can't write a proposal in the next 24 hours then be honest and advise.
5. Observe and learn from others. This could be your colleagues such as your sales people or your peers. How are they winning new business? Learn from their success and adapt the learn into your business.
6. Don't forget to ASK for the business.

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