Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Newsletters - A few Do's and Don'ts

Our Do's
  • Review the intention and content of your e-mail newsletter. It needs to provide useful information - not a pure promotion of your product or service.
  • Have content of real value for your target market, such as tips, new ideas or industry articles.
  • Consider the length of your newsletter. Aim for it to be read in max 10 minutes.
  • Build your mailing list. Have easy sign up options in all your communications and encourage people to join your list. Remember they have to opt in to receive.
  • Send it in the simplest format so that your readers, who have a wide variety of e-mail software and computers, will hopefully receive it in an easy to read style.
  • Keep it short. For lengthy points use a URL link pointing to further information on your web site.
  • Use hyperlinks to your web site or related articles.
  • Ensure that you include easy unsubscribe information in each of your e-mail newsletters.
  • manage your newsletters and understand the type of articles that engage your readers.
  • Keep your title and timing consistent, as people and spam software will recall previous copy.
The Don'ts
  • Send attachments or special formatting, unless you know that this is what your entire audience can and wants to receive. Also a risk of going straight to spam boxes.
  • Send unsolicited e-mail (spam). You could permanently damage your reputation.
  • Send an e-mail newsletter out to often.
  • Use too many images.
  • Use technical or slang wording.

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